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Bacteriostatic Water

HCG Injection Mixing Kits, Bacteriostatic Water, and
Sterile Syringes and Needles for Medical Applications

Today it is both easier and less risky to treat yourself medically from your home as long as you have the proper supplies.

All of the equipment and products necessary for safe, effective at-home treatment are available at MedicalSupplyLiquidators.com, including sterile needles and syringes, bacteriostatic water, bacteriostatic sodium and glass vials for medicinal mixing. In our inventory you can find the most popular products used by medical industry professionals and made by top manufacturers such as Easy Touch, Hospira, Exel, BD and Terumo.

Take a more active role in your healthcare with products like sterile vials and bacteriostatic water from MedicalSupplyLiquidators.com


With a few different combinations of mixing kits for both 50 day and 100 days, we're sure you will find the kit right for your needs. Most of these kits include alcohol prep pads for sterilization, ampoule openers for a safe and easy way to open glass ampules, as well as insulin needles and syringes for injecting in a safe manner. These kits also include sterile glass vials for mixing your prescribed medication  in Sodium Chloride or Hospira bacteriostatic water.. If your running low on any of your mixing supplies, most of the items that come with the injection kits can also be purchased individually.